Notification popup

Ordinary prompt window

Ordinary prompt window provides information about the status of the devices, such as slam tracking state, glasses temprature level, device battery state.

Enable Notification

  • Find the NRSessionConfig in your project

  • Check the “Enable Notifiction” box

Notification types

  • Currently provided notifiction windows:

    • Slam tracking lost

    • Glasses Temperature Warm

    • Glasses Temperature Hot

    • Phone Battery 30% Notification

    • Phone Battery 15% Notification

  • Please refer to NRNotificationListener prefab under NRSDK>Resources and its NRNotificationListener.cs script to customize your notification message.

Error prompt window

Error prompt window provides information for sever error. It usually pops up when the devices has been unable to run properly.

Customize error tips

  • Find the NRGlassesErrorTip prefab under NRSDK>Resources, copy it to your project.

  • Modify and save it as a new prefab, and drag it to your SessionConfig.

  • Modify prompt text

// Static constants need to be replaced in awake
void Awake()
    NativeConstants.GlassesDisconnectErrorTip = "Please connect your XREAL Light Glasses.";
    NativeConstants.UnknowErrorTip = "Unkown error! \nPlease contact XREAL's customer service.";

Mode Change Tips

When users switch between two tracking modes in a scene, such as changing from 3 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) to 6 DOF, feedback is required to inform them if the change was successful.The prefab, NRTrackingModeChangedTip, is responsible for this transition effect. In previous versions, a window would prompt to display the status, but starting with NRSDK 2.1, we have adopted a more natural and seamless method, fading to black momentarily to indicate the transition.