MRTK2 Integration

NRSDK 1.9.3 & MRTK 2.8.0 Integration with Sample Projects


This github repo ( contains extension that adds compatibility for NRSDK, including hand tracking and controller support, to Microsoft's open source Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) for Unity.

It also contains two open-source sample apps from Microsoft's Mixed Reality Design Labs - Hand Tracking Hub (originally as MRTK examples hub and Surfaces (, which demonstrates NRSDK's hand tracking algorithmic capabilities with MRTK's input system.

Required Environments:

  • Unity 2020.3.X

  • MRTK 2.8.0

  • NRSDK 1.9.3

Examples and Scene Settings

This repo includes two projects, each containing several pre-configured scenes:

  • Assets/HandTrackingDemo

    • HandTrackingHub (Manager scene)

    • HandTrackingHubMainMenu

    • Clipping

    • ColorPicker

    • Dock

    • HandInteraction

    • HandMenu

    • HandMenuLayout

    • Joystick

    • NonNativeKeyboard

    • PressableButton

    • ScrollingObjectCollection

  • Assets/Surfaces

    • StartupScene (Manager scene)

    • Bubble

    • Ephemeral

    • Flock

    • Goop

    • Growbies

    • Lava

    • Lighting

    • Volume

    • Xylophone

These scenes do not require additional configuration and serve as a blueprint for XREAL's MRTK integration, while HandTrackingHub and StartupScene work as manager scene (configured via MRTK's Scene System) of each project respectively.


This following MRTK Features are supported:

Supported Features in MRTK

  • Hand Tracking

  • Hand Meshing

  • Hand Skeleton / Gestures

  • XREAL Phone Controller / Dev Kit Controller

  • Gaze Input (aka Eye Tracking)

Unsupported Features in MRTK

  • Planes Detection

  • Native Keyboard

  • Voice Input (Using Google speech to text)

  • Scene Meshing

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