NRSDK 1.9.1

What's New:
  • Implemented new Hand Tracking underlying algorithms that greatly improved hand tracking performance
  • Added support for 0Dof Stable Mode NRHMDPoseTracker.ChangeTo0DofStable that enables the display's tag-along behaviour depending on the current view
  • Added support to record environment and in-app audio simultaneously. See AudioState -> ApplicationAndMicAudio in RGBCamera-Record scene for details
  • Added brightness-related native APIs in NRKernal.NRDeviceSubsystem
  • Improved 3DoF controller tracking and 3DoF head tracking on Nreal Air
  • Improved speed switching between different tracking mode
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed occasional SDK launch failure
  • Fixed recorded audio/video out of sync problem (audio speed is accelerated)
  • Fixed the issue that the microphone's recording volume is too low
  • Fixed RGB Camera's capturing/recording offset
  • Fixed controller drift due to 0DoF/3DoF/6DoF tracking mode switch