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NRSDK 1.8.0

What's New:
  • Adapted for Nreal Air
    • Automatic mode switch between 3DoF/6DoF head tracking, image/plane tracking, video capture on Nreal Air & Nreal Light;
    • Added API NRDevice.Subsystem.GetDeviceType getting the current device's type (Nreal Light/Air) and NRDevice.Subsystem.IsFeatureSupported check if a feature specified in NRSupportedFeature is supported by the current device
    • Adapt to Android 12 (API level 31); developer should configure target API to API level 31 in Project Settings -> Player when building application
  • (NRSDK Experimental) Supported overlay compositor layers allowing texture rendering with higher quality
  • (NRSDK Experimental) Supported DRM(Digital rights management) protected content display
  • Significantly improved stability of head and controller tracking
  • Reduced time switching between 3DoF/6DoF via NRHMDPoseTracker.ChangeTo0Dof, NRHMDPoseTracker.ChangeTo3Dof and NRHMDPoseTracker.ChangeTo6Dof
  • Reduced time building blue tooth connection with Dev Kit controller
  • Optimized NRSDK configuration helper (NRSDK->Project Tips) auto checking and tips
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed erroneously displayed black area when using screen capture feature
  • Other bug fixes